About Us

Serviced Apartments HK was created to provide tourists and business travelers to Hong Kong with a comprehensive directory of all serviced apartments available in Hong Kong. Many websites offering information about serviced apartment contacts and addresses only include a selection of serviced apartment companies and there can be several reasons for this: some of those websites may be looking for tenants on behalf of serviced apartment companies, effectively acting as real estate agents, so that they only list those serviced apartments that are using their services. Others provide only a list of serviced apartment companies which they made a deal with - those sites may enjoy a large amount of traffic on parts of their website and use that traffic to bring potential tenants to the serviced apartment websites. Visitors can click on various links to serviced apartments websites and the site host may be paid by serviced apartment companies for each click and/or for each visit resulting in a booking being made. Other websites, still, try to provide a list of serviced apartments, but fail to keep the list up to date, so that many existing addresses are missing or they simply are not willing to take the extra care of looking for and listing every single serviced apartment company available in Hong Kong, which results in a far too short list of apartments of very limited use for potential tenants. At Serviced Apartments HK, we want to avoid anyone interested in serviced apartments in Hong Kong to go into such kind of inconvenience simply by bringing to travelers a full list of all serviced apartments in Hong Kong, so they can find all the addresses they need in just one place instead of having to spend hours and sometimes even days searching for and visit tens of different websites, only to come up with a mostly redundant and relatively clumsy list of serviced apartment addresses.